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I have been a record producer and DJ at a professional level since 1993. I have had a varied career in music and have released international top ten chart hits both as an artist and as a remixer.

My main success was a huge number 7 UK chart hit called Everybody in 1999 which sold around 100k copies on all physical formats. Below is my official video which was on MTV & there is also the TV apperance on the legendary BBC music show Top of the Pops.






Since then I have released a string of records both on vinyl and mp3 across a variety of labels, the most recent success I had was a number 13 chart entry at in their NU-Disco charts in September 2019 with my track entitled "A Disco in Detroit" which shows that the music I produce is still current and has been an ongoing process for me since I began in the 1990's.











As well as continuing to produce records as an artist, I also mentor people with the aim to guide them on their journey and teach them  the skills and pass on my knowledge that will enhance their music. So what you will gain from me is current experience from someone who is currently active in the music industry as a recording artist with vast amount of knowledge with almost three decades of experience to offer you both in recording music and promoting it.


I offer a wide range of skills and techniques as a mentor from the very basics of music production right on through to achieving your goals as an artist by releasing your music and even going as far as setting up a record label. Please contact me and lets discuss your musical aspirations today.

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