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Electro Funk / G Funk Ableton Course


Would you like to produce a track that takes huge inspiration from those early 1980's records that were recorded by Zapp & Roger Troutman or George Clinton?


Well here you can if you have a copy of Ableton and some Funk inside your soul. This course is a tutorial that has been designed by Waxadisc in order to put you on that path to the Funk, early 80's Electro style.

This genre of music was hugely popular in the early 80's when synths and digital music began to change the sound of Funk around 1980-1983. 

This was also the sound that inspired a whole generation of Hip hop artists a decade later with the G-Funk styles that was born out of this sound.


In this course you will use analogue style VST plug in synthesizers with the sounds on from that era. You will use drum machines that are loaded with those Oberheim and Roland drum hit samples to give you that authentic sound.


You will apply techniques in this course such as the correct use of a vocoder, delay units, Guitar amps, and finally a mix down session before you export your track ready for mastering.


This course is available directly through this site by clicking the link below. Once payment has been made, you will be automatically taken to a link where the course resources and materials are all stored for you to download and use at any time for a life time. 


So you can take the course anytime you wish to at your own pace and convenience.





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