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Produce a 90's Italian Dream House Track in Ableton

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Produce a classic Italian house music piano track in ableton


This course is designed for people with a basic knowledge of Ableton Live. This tutorial covers a wide range of techniques and tasks that will enable you the student to progress with this type of music and create your own tracks in this genre. It begins with simple beat programming and works towards adding 3rd party VST synths that come free with this course for both Mac and P.C. The course teaches you how to play in bass lines and piano patterns, whilst also showing you how to combine specific sounds that work perfectly together to create the authentic sound that came from the early 1990's Italian club scene. The course leads up to the arrangement sections where it travels through various dimensions from emotional chord pads to hard edged acid sections, and then back into the uplifting sections. The course ends with a mixing session that breaks down each individual sound and drum sample with its own EQ settings and effect settings all in their correct position. You will learn the following. 1. DRUM PROGRAMMING 2. CHORD PLAYING 3. BASS LINE PATTERNS 4. TRACK ARRANGEMENT 5. INTRO CREATING 6. BLENDING DIFFERENT VARIATIONS 7. USING THE CORRECT SOUNDS 8. MIXING SKILLS 9. SONG STRUCTURE To listen to the track in full of what you will produce and learn, click the link below

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