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Produce a 1980's Electronic Funk Synth Track in Ableton

  • 24Steps


CREATE AN 80'S STYLED ELECTRO FUNK TRACK IN ABLETON FOR FREE Do you want to produce that classic 80's Funk sound that was popular with artists such as Roger Troutman, Harold Faltermeyer and other Funk acts from the early to mid 1980's. Well here you can with this easy to follow course within Ableton 9. You can learn all of the techniques from that period but in a modern way by using the classic drum sounds and the correct synth sounds that were popular in that period. Take a look at the video clip below to listen to the track you will produce. Once you complete your track, you will then have the knowledge and skills to go off and produce your own music within this style using a wide rage of skills and techniques that you can adapt to your own music. In this course you will learn the following 1. installing VST Synths and selecting the correct sounds. 2. programming Drum beats. 3. Creating an intro. 4. Arrangement skills. 5. Learn how to play chords and melodies 6. Program additional drum patterns for a solo. 7. Use automation and effect plug ins to create authenticity. 8. Mixing and equalising your track. WATCH THE PROMO VIDEO HERE TO LISTEN TO WHAT YOU WILL LEARN.

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