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1980's Synth Boogie Course

Produce a Synth Boogie Track Early 80's Style


Did you ever want to capture the essence of the early 80's Synth Boogie sound in your productions? Then take this course and let me know show you how to do that.

This course is designed to give you the tools to create vintage productions and techniques that were used in those days by using modern software and plug ins. 

The course is broken down into easy to follow sections and you can take it at your own pace.

This course is a 1980's synth boogie course which is inspired by the sounds of West End records and those bands from that era such as Shalamar, The Gap Band and other Electronic Funk acts in the post Disco era of the early to mid 80's. 



Here you will learn the key skills that will equip you with the techniques to produce this kind of music that was heavily reliant on the synthesizer. 

Watch both videos below to see what you can learn from taking this course.

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