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How it Works 

The way this whole set up works is quite simple, but you must have certain software and apps installed for it to happen.

All we need is Zoom where I will send you an invite and then we can share screens and sound of each others computers.

There are to ways we can work together. The first is if you want to start a track from the start I can begin the arrangements and then you can follow what I do on the screen.

The second way is if you have a track that has already been started and you are stuck with it for example in the middle. Then the way it works is that you will send me the template and we can both work together.


This is where I offer you options and ideas on ways to move forward with it where I can co produce it with you to get it to a finished product, but you are the artist I will not take any credit for it. 

You must have Ableton Live which can be any version and preferably a Midi Controller or Keyboard depending on what type of track we are producing.

Once payment has been received and we have agreed what it is you wish to be mentored on or what type of track we are producing, then we can set a time and date within your profile log in on this site and it is then I will send you a link invite for that session.

If you purchase a 4 week session package and there is one week where you cant make it for some reason then we can arrange for the session to take place the following week. You will not lose that session as I will keep it for you.

That's all there is to it, so get in touch and arrange for your mentoring with RobJamWeb today.

What You need

  • Ableton Live & Upwards

  • Cakewalk or Reason

  • Zoom Software/App

  • Headset/Microphone

  • Screen Sharing Access

  • Fast Internet Access


Here is a comprehensive list of what tutoring and mentoring services I can provide for you on a 1 2 1 basis via screen sharing and video calling. I also offer support via email and social media messaging too.

Ableton Beginner Sessions​

Full Track/Song Arrangement Sessions

Sound Effects Sessions & Techniques

Creative Idea Sessions

EQ Mixing Sessions

How To Produce Your Favourite Genre

Chord Progression & Dance Music Theory Sessions

How To Network and Promote Your Music 

Artist Profiling

Record Label Advice


The following styles of music can be taught by myself to give you the skillset to be able to produce your own tracks.

Disco Re-edits / Mash Ups

Uplifting Piano House

Disco House

Disco & Boogie

Funky & Jackin House

Deep House

Chicago Styled Old Skool House

Soulful House


Synth Wave

Acid Techno

Electro Styled Techno

1970's Styled Funk

1980's Styled Soul R&B

Old Skool G-Funk

Ambient & Soundscapes

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