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10 Essential Classic Disco Records That Were Never Chart Hits.

The word Disco is often misconceived within popular culture. The mainstream often refer to it as some fad that came and went as quickly as it arrived, without understanding the full concept and the journey it had to endure before becoming a genre all of its own., and the journey into House music that it paved the way for after the commercial bubble burst in 1979.

Here are ten amazing records that will make you rethink those beliefs. This was music that was created by some of the hottest players at the time, and the combination of Funk & Soul artists with Classical Orchestras was a hybrid of music that produced some outstanding compositions in the late 1970's and early 1980's.

Many of the players on these records were session musicians and were probably only paid a session fee for their contribution, but their grooves and their riffs live on and have inspired a new generation which evolved into the House music genre we now know and has since become a global industry.

So within classic Waxadisc tradition, below are ten records that need to be heard in their entirety and need to be enjoyed from start to finish to hear the way that these records were produced and performed. Without modern computers and mostly all of them in a live studio setting. These are ten records that are absolute classics but were never successful chart hits.

These are extended versions which makes them classics among DJ's and vinyl collectors alike, but also the fact that some of these records go over the ten minute mark is owed to their brilliance which allowed them to be that long as they are so good, you can imagine the producers and players wanting to keep those grooves going for as long as possible due to the advent of the 12" record which created new ways of extended version and for musicians to improvise and experiment within the studio. So in no particular order here are ten of the most important full length disco 12" singles ever produced.

First Choice

Let No Man Put Us Under

Shep Pettibone Remix

Salsoul Records 1983

Love Symphony Orchestra

Let Me Be Your Fantasy

Talpro Records 1978


Look For Love

Cotillion Records 1978


Over And Over

Fantasy Records 1978

Instant Funk

I Got My Mind Made Up

Salsoul Records 1978

Taana Gardner

When You Touch Me

West End Records 1980

Inner Life

Make It Last Forever

Larry Levan Remix

Salsoul Records 1981


If Theres Love / Hazy Shades Of Love

Marlin Records 1978

Cloud One

Atmosphere Strut

P&P Records 1976

Donna Mcghee

It Aint No Big Thing

Red Greg Records 1977

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