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5 Awesome Pre-Sets For Techno & Acid House That Are FREE

A short while ago I produced a video outlining 5 cool pre set sounds for Techno music. I put together a short video demonstrating those sounds which are built within a variety of FREE VST plug ins available for all DAWS.

These are sounds that will help the beginner get a good feel for generic Techno sounds which will add the lift that their productions may need. Or they may help the more advanced producer with filling that gap that one of their tracks may be missing. Whatever your level of production is at, you will gain something from these short tips for Techno and Acid House productions.

You can learn how to use the Blue Arp step sequencer with a great Hi-Rez Acid 303 replica pre set along with the ultimate classic Detroit Inner City Stab taken from the Rave Generator synth.

Whatever you may be looking for to add to your productions you will find it in this video where all of the links are added in the description. Please watch the video below and enjoy.

The links for all the software used in this video are below.

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