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5 Essential Bass Pre Set VST Synths

How many times do you search for the perfect bass sound? Scrolling through lists of VST plug ins it certainly gets tiresome. Sometime we just want a straight out of the box sound to get that track moving. Well look no further as I have selected 5 superbly crafted bass sounds that can be used to great effect.

You can click on each link below to be take direct to that specific plug in website. Also watch the video below to hear the bass sounds and get a good idea of how cool they are.

5 essential bass pre-sets which are straight out of the box sounds that require no tweaking at all and are perfect for when you are struggling for a quality sound. The list is below to show you the synths used. You can download them all for free except the Z3ta which is a premium synth.

The Z3ta has been around a long time and has been a staple for many producers particularly in the Trance genres, but this has many hidden weapons for Disco and Funky House etc.

The best one being is the Fred Falke Bass which is the signature sound for those Daft Punk esque French Disco bass lines that we all love and recognize.

You can trial this synth for free HERE

Do you love that early 80's synth sound that was used on practically every Boogie track in those days? Then look at the Tyrell VST which is a free synth that provides a superb selection of Boogie Bass pre-sets.

Also included are some other tasty treats on there from Juno pads to Funk lead lines. All of which are perfectly crafted to a high level of quality. This synth is one of the best out there and I can not recommend it enough for its versatile pre-sets which give you everything from Techno to Lo-Fi Hip hop. CLICK HERE

The Tal crew are absolute heroes when it comes to free software. The amount of cool synths and effects they have released for free is outstanding and has been a great contribution to the scene.

The Juno replica is a belter and has some cool sounds included. The Funky bass is one such pre-set which needs to be used as much as possible and you can tweak it as though you were using a real Juno. What more do you want for free? CLICK HERE

The OXE VST is another solid free plug in that has many great general MIDI sounds. The selection of Rhodes that they have a pretty cool and have some superb organ sounds too. The most noteable being the Gypsy Organ which is the classic sound used in so many old skool house tracks from the early 90's up to the present day.

As you can gather it is the sound that was used in the classic Crystal Waters track Gypsy Woman which was a worldwide hit in 1991. But the coolest sound on here for me has to be the Lately Bass which has been used in many classic house tracks over the years.

Take a peak at this FM Synth and grab it for those moments when you need a simple sound to get a track started. CLICK HERE

Once again those Tal developers pull off a superb result. The Noisemaker is perfect for many styles of music and even more perfect for Nu-Disco and funk etc. The Juicy bass is a great reso type bass that is ideal for those Future Funk tracks you might produce.

The Hard 80's bass pre-set is the exact sound that Mr Fingers used for his seminal anthem "Can you feel it" on Trax records way back in 1986

You should also check out the arpeggios, the leads and the pads which are all very cool and can be tweaked to your liking with relative ease. So go ahead and take advantage.



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