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5 Famous Synth Pre-Sets From Free VST Plug ins

Sometimes we just want a straight out of the box sound to complete our track, or we simply want to have some fun and replay our favourite track that was recorded by a famous artist/Band.

I am guilty of this participation myself which can be seen as procrastination. I will sit there looking at my track that is only 25 percent finished and then I will find myself looking through a bunch of pre sets in order to find a particular pad or bass, and then I will stumble upon a pre set that is so irresistible i have to jam along with it and waste 20 minutes pretending to be either Giorgio Moroder or Vangelis.

So here below are 5 iconic pre set sounds that are available in free VST plug in synths that you may or may not be aware of. However it is just for fun purposes and lets face it music should be fun and not always serious.

Each of the free VST plug in links are available in the FREE VST section of this blog in the menu above. So dive in and lets jam with 5 classic pre sets made famous by iconic recordings that cost you nothing at all other than time and we musicians always find the time for this sort of thing.


Herbies Wet Dream. The Tyrell Synth

Pre Set Replicates Fred Wesley Blow Your Head 1974

The awesome opening lead line on the track Blow Your Head by Fred Wesley is a raucous and outrageous sound that just hits you in the chest instantly. One of the most rawest and powerful openers in any track ever. An offspring of the James Brown family and a future Bootsy Collins Rubber Band member, it is no wonder his own work would be just as powerful. The sound is replicated on the Tyrell Synth VST which can be found under the name "Herbies Wet Dream"


Robotniks. The Tyrell Synth

Pre Set Replicates Kraftwerk, We Are The Robots 1978

Back in the 70's these futuristic German wizards gave us so much which is still echoed today throughout electronic music. Pioneers is an understatement to describe Kraftwerk.

The groups album Man Machine from 1978 provided many iconic pieces and the track entitled "We are the Robots" is one of those awesome synth sounds that has been replicated here yet again with the Tyrell with sheer perfection. The sound Robotnik is the pre-set that was used by Kraftwerk.


Hard Bass 80's. Tal Noisemaker

Pre Set Replicates Mr Fingers,. Can You Feel It. 1986

Way back in 86 the emerging House music scene was escaping from Chicago and into the wider world. Many of those records were recorded on very primitive set ups and bedroom studios, which makes some of those recordings even more magical as it shows that a great studio is not required to produce a classic.

The Tal Noisemaker has perfectly captured this bass line from Mr Fingers all time anthem and with a very slight tweak you can get that sound too.


Gypsy Organ. OXE64

Pre Set Replicates Crystal Waters Gypsy Woman 1991.

If you know even the slightest thing about House music you will know that this sound is as iconic as the genre itself. This Organ bass has been used in more records that I can think of and yet it still carries the same weight as it did when Crystal Waters production team known as the Basement Boys used it for her anthem "Gypsy Woman" way back in 1991.

Here in the OXE plug in is that very sound which can be used in many different ways from deep house to pop. The plug in also carries many great staple sounds for your tracks, so if you are looking for a quick pad or a simple bass synth pre set, then this is worth having in your weaponry.


String Machine. Modul-Air

Pre Set Replicates Donna Summer, I Feel Love. 1976.

It is one of those tracks that has the most infectious arpeggio basslines ever. Giorgio Moroder even said himself that he should have copyrighted that bass line many years ago and he would have had a bigger bank balance. However I am sure he is doing just fine. The focus on the sound here though is not the bass but the strings that accompany it in the introduction of the song.

Those vintage haunting synth strings were taken from the Solina synthesizer from the 1970's. Here they are emulated in the Modul-Air synth plug in designed by Full Bucket who are responsible of some of the best free vst plug ins on the internet. Check out the rest of their products as they are worth having. Take a listen to the Donna Summer original intro and then compare it to the strings I play in the video. Enjoy.


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