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5 of the best FREE Synth Bass Lines

There is nothing more laborious than trying to find that instant Funk synth bass sound. When you want to hit that funky vibe without having to trawl through the many pre-set sounds you have at your disposal. So I have selected 5 instantly infectious bass sounds which are absolutely perfect to use for Nu-Disco, Soul, Funk etc.

I have put together a selection of short loops to demonstrate the bass sounds against chords and other instruments to give it some deeper context rather than play the sound as a solo.

The list is as follows and the links are at the bottom of this page beneath the video.

If you want to develop your Funk,Soul Disco House production skill set then click the image below and book a free consultation with RobJamWeb and discuss how you want to produce music on your terms in your own way.

The list of the sounds are named here to save you time. You can click on these titles to get direct access to the free VST download link.


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