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5 YouTube Shorts That Will Enhance Your Music Production Skills.

We all know that now YouTube is getting in on the short form video and its working for a majority of niches. But what about the music side of things in terms of producers? Is it working? I think so, as it allows producers, both hobbyists and those wanting to go further the chance to pick up small video clips and take the main parts instantly without all of the extra padding that comes with most tutorial videos.

So many YouTube videos do end up with too much filler and some thing that could be shown in 3 minutes ends up being 8 minutes. I have been guilty of this myself, whilst it is not always a bad thing, we can learn much more in micro doses rather than drawn out lectures.

So here below are 5 immediate straight to the point shorts I have created for you to digest and put into your own music productions. Bookmark these and try out the techniques on offer here and see what you come up with. Just click each image for the video. Enjoy.

Two really awesome pre-sets for Funk in Ableton Operator.

Five essential free VST plug in synths for Funky House & Disco Music Production

French Disco House free bass pre set for all DAW Samplers

The best free plug synth for 80's retro Synth Wave music

How to make your Funky tracks sound even funkier with question & answer


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