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6 Awesome Techno & Lofi House pre-sets for Ableton Live

If you are anything like me in the studio you will be slightly impatient and also more interested the groove than noodling for hours on end with a synth in order to try and recreate the wheel.

Yes its great to twist synths around but in the music making world especially dance music, you will find that you could waste half your production life not actually producing a track and releasing it for the rest of the world to enjoy.

This is what pre-sets were designed for. Many snobs may say that pre-sets are for noobs and the non creative when in actual fact they are there to be creative and use at will without the endless tweaking. A skilled painter usually has his paints already made up, he only has to add them in the right place on the canvas and he paints a great picture. Yes they may make different shades but the core colours are already set.

This is the case with the music production world. We always start with a basic sound and sculpt around it, but here these sounds are already done, although you can tweak them with the cut offs and other automations each sound has to offer.

Anyway enough rambling on, today I put together a video saving you time and also giving you instant access to the finest pre set sounds designed for House & Techno in Ableton 10 for you to take advantage of. These sounds are very cool and can be tweaked slightly if you need a little more decay on your sound for example. But the point is they are straight out of the box and ready to use.

Check the video below to see me skip through these pre sets, you wont be disappointed.


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