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6 of the best FREE VST for Disco Funk & Techno production

On the Waxadisc free list of plug ins which you can find HERE you will see a long list of good stuff available but in today's modern world we can not put aside the time to download everything on offer as it is just too time consuming and takes us away from actually producing.

So I have pulled out 6 essential synths for you to use if you make Disco, Funk, Boogie, Soul, Lo-fi Hip Hop etc. Or any genre for that matter but mostly for those just mentioned.

Watch the videos below for my demos to show you how cool these are for you and your tracks.


Those kind people or person at Full Bucket in Germany have made it a labour of love to recreate amazing renditions of vintage Korg synths, and this is no exception. The Whisp-Air is a replica of the both the Trident and the Mono Poly. The pre sets in this are so ideal for many genres but more specifically I have created a mid tempo Nu Disco track using Ableton for you to see the capabilities of this monster machine.


You all know I have championed this bad ass synth for years now and still swear by it for so many reasons, but in terms of Disco etc this is the ultimate beast.

The main pre sets you can use are so instantly amazing and require very little to no tweaking at all. Boogie bass 3 is the best of the 5 bass pre sets from the Boogie selection.

This is awesome for that squelchy sound for the fat bass and if you climb the octaves you can add some delay and hit the poly mode button and you have an instant high end lead line synth that comes straight out of 1982.


The legendary Oberheim synth was a solid mainstay in the early to mid 80's and has featured on many iconic records. This free version has a cool synth bass and some quality lead lines and pads. Ideal for Electro Funk and other Boogie synth. Check out my video below here to see how awesome this is for your tracks.


An overlooked synth in terms of Disco and Funk. This has some very good lead line pre sets that can be twisted and turned into a funk track or a G-Funk track. this has all of the ingredients for 80's Funk and Soul. The modulation effects on this give off that authentic style from 82-85 which many bands used to full effect like Zapp, Prince and Cameo etc.

It is worth noting that when you click the link for this on their website, be sure to click either the windows or mac logo depending on your machine, as these are the free versions. Otherwise you will end up clicking the $49 price tag which unless you choose to pay for this great VST, it is actually free.


An absolute beast of a synth and its no wonder it is called the Viking. This thing has some high quality synth lead lines and bass lines. Comes with a great modulation and pitch bend accuracy that has all of the elements for you to make some great G-Funk. Check this out and grab it today.


The iconic Korg Polysix synth which dominated the early 1980's was recreated here for free and is a brilliant synth which has many options to create synth Boogie and Synth Wave tracks. Some outstanding pre-sets for you to choose from and manipulate to create some atmospheric 80's and Jazz Funk styled tracks.


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