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Bundle of Original Disco Drum Loops

Do you ever find yourself wanting an authentic drum loop so you can drop it into a track or a live session, or maybe even one to splice apart and recreate your own drum pattern with?

Here are 13 vintage drum loops & breaks I have taken from original vinyl records in my collection.

They are from lesser known disco records from the mid to late 1970's as the obvious ones have been ripped too many times. So I took a bunch of obscure tracks and ripped those tiny breaks and drum solos from there over to digital waves for you to take full advantage of and add them to either your productions or your live jams.

Here in the video below you will see how I extracted them from the original records and run through them so you get the idea of what is available. I also produce a short demo of a track to give you an outline of how you can produce a track with the beats.

Most of these records were ones that caught my eye in a record shop near to where I live and whilst they aren't rare, they are certainly lesser known and have some pretty cool drum breaks on them. So I decided to cut them up for you and see how you can use them in your own productions.

I have produced many sample packs over the years for free and recently I have made the biggest one yet. I spent the past Winter creating the ultimate disco and funk samples pack which has over 500 individual loops, beats, midi files and all types of instruments from synth lead lines to funk bass rhythms.

The samples pack can be heard by clicking the image below, but if you need that extra sound to get your track rolling or you come up against a brick wall and you need that final lead line to add to the vibe then look no further than the ultimate disco and funk samples pack.

You can get the loop pack from the direct link below by clicking on the image. Or you can watch this video also below for more information and to see how I sampled them and what can be done with them after.



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