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Change Your Music Production Today

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So you have been producing music for a while and may even be releasing some tracks but you are getting both very good at your particular style and at the same time getting a bit tired and bored with the same old process.

Does this sound like you? Then take a step back and consider releasing something completely different in style. I can confirm that is is a very daring things to do as you don't want to alienate your audience, but at the same time we now live in a creative age where any genre can be blended together to make up an artists sound and reputation.

So if you feel that you are stuck in a rut but feel the urge to produce and release something new, just go with it and try something fresh.

Who knows what may happen? You could alienate a few people but you might also gain 500 new followers? Life is a struggle and a risk in every aspect so why not take a few risks in your passions too.

This weeks podcast video is something I discuss and also demonstrate to you what I have done about this dilemma I found myself in. It is really not that big of a deal and if something good arises from it in terms of more streams or sales or even fans that what a bonus that would be having took the risk and made a totally different genre than my usual stuff.

The genre is old skool rave hardcore from the early 90's which is where my beginnings as producer began with my old Casio Sampler and tape deck. So I decided to put together a four track e.p to pay tribute to those days that opened me up to the world of music production.

The link for the e.p is here below, just click on the art work.

The video for this weeks podcast is below. Enjoy, and remember take a risk now and then.

old skool rave flyers



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