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Disco Edits For the House Producer

dj edits for disco house music

I have been producing disco edits for aslong as I can remember. I have also been teaching people all over the world how to produce them too. So I decided recently to give away that knowledge for free by releasing my older courses to anyone who cares to gain insight to this knowledge and advance their own musical aspirations.

So back in 2015 I produced this course with a variety of sub genres within it all from across the disco spectrum. The course was a big seller for me and has since helped alot of people progress into the world of music production.

Below you can now watch and learn from these videos below and take the crash course in how to produce upbeat disco house edits, which in a way is also just filtered disco house. Either way the skills I employ here are timeless techniques for you to use in your own music.

So watch the videos and grab the resources within the video description and take a trip into disco music production.

Both episodes are listed below. Should you need any personal tuition or guidance with your music production, simply contact me through this site and arrange a free consultation with me to discuss your musical journey.


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