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FREE Ableton Courses

After some sorting out and moving things about, I have decided to give away my older courses for free. Yes completely FREE. Mad it may seem, but as these were produced on Ableton v8 & v9, they are just slightly too old to market now.

However, the content in these courses are highly valuable and timeless according to the nature of dance music being produced and arranged in the ways that it still is. So take advantage of these four full length courses which all come with the materials and resources required to produce the following genres.

free ableton course for deep house music producers

Produce a moody deep house track in a modern style but using some old techniques that still stand tall today. Take advantage people.

free disco house music course for ableton. Disco edits course

Produce 5 different Disco sub genres with the ultimate disco course volume one. Here you will learn edits, filtered disco and hi NRG. These skills are highly valuable for anyone who wants to become better at disco music production.

Free deep house course for ableton users, classic 90s house music course

Ever wanted to make music in the mid 90s style of Grant Nelson and the Nice & Ripe label to name an example? Then grab the course above and start your sample based deep house course and create that classic sound that ruled from 93-96.

free ableton course for detroit techno and acid house music

This was the first Waxadisc course ever produced in 2012. There may be some things on here that are no longer in use like plug ins etc but the course itself is a timeless journey in learning the techniques applied to making those classic Acid House Techno 80's tracks from Chicago and Detroit.

All you have to do is click the link below and add your email address and all of the courses are yours for free to download and watch and learn at a time that suits you.

Also in the folder you receive, you will find a whole trove of useful samples and loops etc for you to use in your own tracks, so feel free to take what you want.

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