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Ghost Production Services at Waxadisc.

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

So you have all heard of the phrase "Ghost Writer" A term that has been in the literature world forever and one that has been circulating in the online dance music world for the last two decades or so? However it is nothing new as musicians have been silently written for and produced by other people since popular music began appearing in pop form in the 1950's.

So here I am after three decades of producing records for myself, am I now opening up myself to producing tracks for you the customer. I have been technically doing this for the last three years anyway as a private music mentor for many people, and so I see this as another step towards it on a more regular basis for one off requests as an alternative option for clients who probably cant commit to the fixed in long term sessions I offer.

What does that mean for you?

This means that I am available to produce a track or tracks for you at a fixed rate. Each track will be tailor made for you and not one track will be produced twice.

For example many ghost producers sell the same track countless times which for projects like film and corporate videos is fine, However if you are wanting to release tracks in the dance music business then having a unique track is key and that is what I provide.

The tracks I produce are in the following genres.








What do I need to do to get started?

So in order to get going, all you have to do is book a 30 minute consultation with me via Zoom. Click HERE

Once we have established a meeting, I will discuss with you what your tastes are and what music you want your track to be likened to. We will then decide what track you want to use as a reference song and from there payment is required and the process of producing begins on my side.

The track usually is turned around within 5 days and upon first draft you will receive a part recording of the track. If everything is as you want it to be, then the rest of the track gets arranged mixed and mastered. Then the final mastered wave gets released to you, plus you also receive a 320kb mp3 file also.

You then sign a legally binding digital document that hands over ownership of the track to you which also includes my digital signature outlining that the track belongs to you and you can do what you wish with that recording from there on in. So if you wanted to get it signed to a record label then you are permitted to to so. Or upload it to You-Tube or release it yourself on Spotify and all of the other streaming and digital download platforms as you wish.

This is a limited pilot offer for only £150

One More Thing.

I do not and will not claim to make anybody a star or promise to get their music into the top ten at Beatport etc. My role here is to simply create a track tailor made for each individual client. The rest is up to you. The reason behind this is that many people want to more of a DJ than a producer and having a few tracks under their belt can be a massive bonus for their profile and kudos.

The bottom line is becoming a producer takes years of hard work and commitment and in today's ultra fast society many people do not have the time nor do they carry the experience that someone like myself has, so I am therefore offering my services to the community and helping people build a more interesting profile for their DJ career.

I am a constant regular on releasing music and have had many successful records over the decades from pop charts to number one hits in the disco sales charts. I am an open book and my discography clearly shows that. I make music that has a lot of soul and funk added to the mix. This comes naturally to me and is very clear in the music I have released over the years. So please do take a listen to my cataloque on Spotify or on any platform you choose by simply searching RobJamWeb.

So please get in touch and lets chat over a video call today about your tracks and what you aim to add to your DJ profile. Meanwhile watch the video below for some encouragement and a few tips on why I can assist your DJ career.

If you are not happy with the track at the half way stage, then a full refund will be made to you within 5 working days.

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