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How to create a Synthwave track with one free VST plug in

Do you want to learn a quick sure fire way to getting a Synth Wave track started?

With many record production techniques they can often be over complicated and can make you lose interest with the endless tweaking and so on. But there is one super fast way to get a fat and heavy sound that works absolutely brilliant with the genre we know as Synth Wave. Those heavy 1980's influenced tracks that sound like they belong in the opening titles of a John Carpenter movie or some futuristic Sci-fi flick.

The synth is a free one which is always a good start and that is called the Tal Uno. This is a pretty good replica of the Roland Juno synth from the early 80's which is now a collectors piece for the original hardware version. But if you don't have a couple of grand to spare then grab one of the many replicas out there. However this one I use in the tutorial below is awesome for its simple interface.

There are though many of the official Roland classic synths that have been reproduced using the original synth hardware specifications in their boutique series. You can check them out below also by clicking the image.

So the track I produced in the video below was enhanced by only one click of a button. You will be amazed at how a simple switch can lift an entire sound to make something sound awesome. So if you are struggling to get that fat sound for your track and it doesn't even have to be Synth Wave, this can be applied to any genre at all.


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