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How To Make Moody Lofi Deep House

Do you aspire to make tracks with a little organic feel to them? Do you want to have some tracks that need a Brass riff or a realistic Piano? Then look no further than the LABS Plug in from Spitfire Audio.

This fabulous and free plug in has been around a while now and continues to add to its colorful pallet of sound banks. The video below demonstrates ways and pre sets in which you can use them to create some nice sounds that will add more organic atmosphere to the music you produce instead of using static pre sets.

If you have never used Labs then you really need to grab it as it has such a wide variety of unique sounds ranging from some really beautiful pads such as the Arctic Swell to the Trumpet Fields Brass all the way to the Tape String sections all taken from real instruments recorded by professional players.

To get hold of it go to the link below but make sure to watch the video I created which shows you how to bring in the sounds to a track to add color and vibes.


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