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How to produce Nu-Disco in the style of Mark Lower & Nervous Records

There are many forms of Nu-Disco and this piece is one that has been released on the legendary Nervous label which really caught my attention by producer Mark Lower. It was a style of Nu-Disco that wasn't particularly new in its sound or arrangement. Far from it, but what it did to me was capture me in such a way that I haven't been captured for a while.

That sound which is so stripped back and yet so effective in its approach where the limited sounds used and the very simple structure made it full in so many ways. That track was by a guy called Mark lower and the track in question is called Retro Futurism and has the hallmarks of being straight out of the early to mid 1980's but with a tough Nu-Disco feel from the late 2000's also.

So I decided to make a track in that style and almost imitate it in a tutorial so that you can take the elements and create your own version or just take those techniques and apply them to your own music. So take a listen to Marks version below and see if it is a sound that you like.

Mark Lower Retro Futurism Nervous Records 2020

Now watch the tutorial here to take some of the techniques applied in Marks version and see if you can adapt it to your tracks. Enjoy.


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