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Learn 7 very cool and easy to follow Piano chords lessons.

So you want to learn the main chords that are the best ones for the purposes of Disco, Funk, Soulful House and Deep House etc. Have you ever found yourself learning the boring side of piano lessons instead of what you actually want to learn to enhance your skills as a player and as a producer.

Well look no further as the lessons I have provided below are all very short and straight to the point. They are around 2-3 minutes in length so you can quickly learn to play some awesome sounding chords. I simply show you how to learn a brand new chord every day for seven days straight, or you can learn them all in one day, the choice is yours.

These lessons are free and simple to follow as I use an onscreen keyboard for you to see the correct notes to play and the different inversions of each chord. Also I incorporate slash chords and alternative notes to add into the chords also.

So please take full advantage of the free video lessons below and enhance your skills and push yourself to learn something new. Enjoy.

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