Learn how to produce a 1970's Funk track in Ableton.

Do you want to sound like Bootsy Collins has just made a guest appearance on your track laying down the bass licks? I am sure you do if Funk is your thing. I have put together this video outlining some of the fundamental techniques that make up the classic 1970's Funk vintage sound and applied them to Ableton.

The tutorial is a short and simple to follow demo that uses the classic sounds such as the Mutron bass that was Bootsy Collins signature sound and those mono resonant synth lead lines. The Rhodes features in this too which was a staple sound for Soul & Funk and the one I have used here is the old school roads pre set from within Ableton.

The Melotron was also added which was a very well used early sampler in those days, particularly by Kool and the gang in the mid 1970's. So you can download the samples for this and add them to your sampler within Ableton or any other DAW you use.

Finally some Jazz Guitar was added for a strumming effect to add a little more character to the track and once again that comes from within the Ableton stock, so no other plug in has to be added.

The link in the video description also contains the samples used for this tutorial which is the Mutron Bass samples kindly taken from Music Radar and you can also get the Melotron too from my vaults. So watch the video, learn what you can and enjoy making some funk.

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