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Produce Early 90's Rave Hardcore Music in Ableton.

Hey everyone, here is a video that is a walk through guide on how I created the track Cosmic Junglism under my Hypereel name. The track was produced in a simple and quick and easy way, and takes inspiration from the early 90's UK & European Rave Techno records and more recently the style that has been produced by the artist Lone.

I used the Rave Generator synth which is a free 64bit VST. I also use a Novation plug in and a TAL Noisemaker synth which is also free do download. So plenty of stuff for you to take from this tutorial.

Take a listen to the tutorial and also the track if you are interested on which ever your favourite platform is as it is available on Spotify, Itunes and Beatport etc etc. Thanks and I hope you can take something from this for your productions.


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