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Produce Future Funk Disco Like Harvey Sutherland

If you like that super cool Funk style with an up-tempo Disco beat and a modern flavour, then look no further than Harvey Sutherland.

The Australian producer has clocked up some serious tracks over the past decade and always adds a new dimension to his work with each release. His latest work includes the assistance of Dam Funk a connoisseur of the LA scene who knows a thing or two about Funk. Dam Funk has been releasing some quality records these past few years such as his STFU II album that was released a few years back, which is a good starting point if you want to understand his vibe. Click here DAM FUNK

However this tutorial takes inspiration from Harvey's style and here I have added a few simple tricks and techniques that you can use in your own productions.

I have only added a few Ableton pre-sets for this and therefore no extra plug ins are required, so dive in and take a look at how simple this style is to produce and the sound selection that is needed for that early to mid 1980' sound but with a modern take.

These tutorials I make are done as a labour of love and therefore if you feel it is something that you would like to dive deeper into and have considered some personal mentoring and production tutorials then contact me by booking a free 30 minute consultation on the links above.

You can watch the tutorial here to see how I do this type of Future Funk style

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