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Production Tips on Making a Soul Re-edit

The re-edit scene is saturated these days with many different genres being re-rinsed into a fresh take. I have produced many re-edits over the years ranging from straight up disco house floor fillers, to mellow Soulful grooves. This one I did recently of the classic track by Aretha Franklin called One Step Ahead is one I have broke down for you to review and take tips and ideas from to show you how to add your own texture and stamp to it.

In the tutorial I show you how I layer the loops with instruments that suit the track and compliment the loops.

The best ways to develop an edit is to begin with a few key loops and try not to have so many elements from the original track. Just find those few loops and do not over complicate things with your track, otherwise you end up with too many loops and putting them together can end up being like a jigsaw puzzle.

The second trick is to have a few simple drum loops. One solid kick drum, a shaker, congo percussion and a smooth hi-hat and a crash. That is really all you need for drums as the loops you use will probably have drums already anyway.

Then take a snippet of the vocal and put a high pass filter in there and cut the bottom end out and delay it as a small hook. This is a very effective technique which works well for me and my tracks.

Finally add some instruments such as a bassline if it requires one, some pads or a lead line. If you struggle to work out the key of the song, all you need to do is go to CHORDIFY and listen to the song and it will work the chords out for you in each passage. Then you just need to write those down and add them into your arrangement at the right places and it will sound like a fully formed track/remix.

This edit was originally sampled by Mos Def in the late 90's but I have tried to give it a slow mo feel in the style of the Avalanches, hence the use of the vocal dialogue at the start which is the title of the track also.

Take a look at the video below and see some of the tips and tricks I offer in order for you to take and add to your own productions. However before you do, have you ever considered music mentoring on a personal level? Here at Waxadisc I offer you tailor made courses where you can learn everything you want to in order to get to your best level of production. I have helped many others achieve their goals from scratch and I can help you too. Click the image below for more information.



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