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Productive Ways For Musicians to Break The 16 Bar Loop

Ideas to overcome the trap of being stuck in the 16 bar loop of Hell.

It is the record producers version of writers block, the ultimate hell of continuous frustration when you have a groove and you just don't know how to escape the clutches of it. You can either abandon ship and move on to another track, but we both know that the next production loop will also end up in the hard drive graveyard with all of the other hundreds of tiny loop tracks that you have collected over time.

So how do you find a quick and proven way out of the Hell that is the 16 bar loop situation?

Well I have a certain way that can work which I have practiced myself over the years whenever I feel stuck. The answer is simple and straight to the point. Please follow my simple guide below and then also watch the short video I created to give you another angle.

1. Extend the loop that you have out across the screen around 8 more times. You can use more but I suggest 8 as it is a good idea not to go too overboard.

2. Then at the start of each loop section you have copied over, add something on top of there to fit the music you already have. So for example on the first 16 bars add a lead line riff. Then on the second set of bars add a percussion loop such as some triangles or a shaker. Then on the third loop section add some strings.

Then maybe a vocal on the fourth etc. The point of this trick is that you are building up as many different sections for the track as possible. Then you can hear the track being played out and this is where you will break out of the loop and start to visualize the track laid out. This will now be ready to start putting out and mapping it across the screen. For a clearer view of this watch the video attached below.

3. So that is the simplest and easiest way to break the loop. There are probably other ways that can be used too but I know from years of experience and frustration that this is a certain way to break that chain. So the next time you feel stuck just lay out the loop many times and jam a different sound or add a new element on top and see where it takes you....Go for it.

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Here is a short video of me outlining for you the ways in which you can push your track forward and get out of that loop.

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