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Program 24. The Ultimate 80's Synth Wave & Nu Disco Production Suite.

The superb Program 24 by UVI has an incredible selection of straight out of the box pre sets and drum patterns for you to get stuck into immediately. Program 24 delivers sounds and arrangements from a special period of time, and new and unique ones inspired by these machines.

Program 24 brings you the pure sound of 80's Italo Disco inspired by two wild synths nearly lost to time, the Solton Programmer 24 and SM100. The Programmer 24 is an unassuming 3-octave keyboard released in 1985, it contained everything necessary to produce complete arrangements, and real time performance features perfect for backing up the band. It sported a full 8-bit PCM drum section, analog bass and lead arpeggio with analog filters, violin, cello, and 3 flute voices (8', 4', 2'), a featured arranger, chord and pattern sequencers. To top it off, it had individual outputs for 8 drum parts and bass, full MIDI, and a tape interface for storage.

The guys at UVI have captured every drum sound (and some extras from mythical machines like the DMX, Linn, 8o8 and more), along with the full range of each analog voice, MIDI drum patterns, classic and chord follower arpeggiators, and discrete preset recall for each sound.

Numerous included multi kits, single sound presets, arpeggiators, drums kits and drums MIDI files deliver both pure vintage and all-new sounds and patterns designed by their own team, giving you a huge variety of both classic 80's sounds and contemporary patch designs.

For those looking for the complete package the included multi instrument offers a fully-loaded and fully-programmable workstation allowing you to program complete arrangements with your DAW, using all the hardware voices together. For added convenience and sound sculpting potential they have included 2 reverb sends and 2 delay sends that can be fed by any of the drum or instrument voices, along with per-instrument multi mode filters, drive, phaser, and EQ. Finally, 2-bus effects including drive, compressor and EQ help you add punch and polish to the mix without leaving the UI.

They have also made each of the instrument sections available separately, allowing you to call up only the drums, bass, strings and organs, or accompaniment voices as you need them. Each individual instrument is identical to its multi counterpart, offering the same effect section, sends and presets. A terrific way to focus on sound design, or simply add one or two layers to your production.

You can watch a review of Disco House producer running through some of the key features of the UVI Program 24 workstation below. Links for the UVI store are below also.

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