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The Awesome FREE Keys of the 70s VST

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Have you ever spent hours trying to find the perfect Fender Rhodes? Yes the ones in Ableton's library are very good, but I recently discovered this little beauty, and most of all it is completely free.

Not only is it free but it also comes with a host of other vintage keyboards from the 1970's hence the name of the plug in.

The Keys of the 70's is a free VST Plug in sampler that has perfectly captured the vibe of a 1973 Fender Rhodes keyboard. It also boasts a very well programmed upright Piano and other string machine synths. There is even a drum machine added too. But the main stay is the Rhodes, it has beautiful tonality and with a few tweaks such as adding some release and a bit of tremolo you can really play this on your controller like a real one but without the heaviness of the keys. Using a foot pedal for sustain also adds a smooth feel if you have one.

It is a simple DLL file once you have downloaded it and all you have to do is place the pre set files into a folder of your choice and load them accordingly. It is a hassle free plug in and one which has been produced with a labour of love.

Check the video below to watch the demo or go direct to the developers site for the plug in HERE

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