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The Best FREE Samples Pack For Nu-Disco, 80's Synth Funk & Disco House

So how would you like to get straight to the point and save yourself wading through countless sample packs looking for the best sounds for that 1980's vibe you are wanting to produce but feel like the VST synths you are using just aren't quite getting that authentic sound you require.

Well I have gathered a sample pack for no cost at all where the sounds are all taken from an old bundle I received many moons ago from somewhere on a CD Rom which I discovered amongst various other discs during lockdown. I made an extended video of these sounds back then but have just made a shorter edited version for you to take a listen to in under 3 minutes where you can grasp the basic concept of the sounds and then add them instantly into your sampler.

The samples are taken from the rare Oberheim Matrix synth that came out in the 1980's but are very hard to come by nowadays, so these sounds really are worth having in your library if you produce the following music.


Synth Wave

Disco House

Electro Funk

Synth Pop

Synth Boogie

Should you wish to learn music production then please do contact RobJamWeb on the links in the menu and book your free 30 minute consultation today and lets push your music production aspirations forward. Click the image below also.

Watch the short 3 minute video below to hear the best sounds from the samples pack from the Oberheim Matrix synth and start using them today.

The link for this awesome free samples pack is available below by clicking on the text. This will direct you to the entire range of free samples I have available to you, so please do download any others you may want to use whilst there.


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