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The Best FREE VST Synth for 2023 so far.

A new year and a new horizon, which means new music and that desire to spend money in the sales to find some new gear or plug ins to advance your musical journey with. However you don't need to look much further than the free PECS synth from those incredibly kind people at Full Bucket in Germany. Yes once again they have put out a replica of a brilliant vintage synth from Korg in 1976 which comprises of 8 pre-sets of the usual kind.

However they have added a variety of pre-sets within this free plug in which are suitable for the Nu-Disco and Techno producers alike. Yes some of the sounds can be found in many other plug ins but this synth is a really good example of having straight out of the box sounds that need no to little tweaking.

I wont bore you with the details so instead you can watch the short walk through video below and see for yourself the highlighted sounds I have chosen that you can use for your own tracks. Enjoy.

The link for the free synth is below.


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