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The Best Tutorial Videos for Soul Funk Disco House Jazz Piano Chord Lessons

Here at Waxadisc it is always a pleasure to produce chord tutorial videos for the Disco Funk genres. Whilst I am not a music theorist in terms of knowing exactly what each musical phrasing means on a sheet music page, but I can certainly simplify chords and their meaning to people who also don't read music. Yes I can read music to around a grade 3 or 4 but I prefer to feel music rather than read it.

My aim for you here is to encourage you to learn how to play chords by feel more than strict sheet music reading. I have come up with many different chord structures by chance simply by playing around with notes and seeing what goes well with what. You can do that too if you watch some of these free videos I have produced over the years which should benefit your production and performance skills.

So here are my top chord videos for you to work through and gain a better insight into chord progressions for House, Funk, Soul Disco & Jazz. Enjoy.


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