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The Monster Synth FREE VST

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

There are many great VST synths out there for free, but when it comes to lush pads and magical sounds there isn't one I have found yet that comes close to the Monster Synth. This little demon has some of the most warmest sounds I have ever heard, especially for pads.

I am a big pad lover and more often than not I found that many pads can become distorted in the low end, but these beauties are absolutely sublime. They are smooth and have wonderful tonalities within them which makes them irresistible for the producer.

I have created a short video outlining the best sounds on this synth which will give you a clear idea of how good this plug in is. The other sounds on here are superb too. There's the bell section, the sound fx, and the mallet section too has some great sounds for the more pop producer.

The brass section has those awesome early 1980's funky leads that you can use for Electro Funk, plus there is a great G -Funk lead you can use if you want to capture that Dr Dre sound, but for me it is the pads that really sell this for me. The lushness of them is something that you would expect to pay for, but it is totally free.

So check out the video below and see if it something you can use for your own tracks.

Watch the Monster Synth Walkthrough here.

You can download the Monster Synth from the link below and also check out their other free plug ins which they have on offer too for free. This is an impressive site so take advantage.


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