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The Most Essential Synth Bass Pre-sets For Nu-Disco & Electro Funk & House

5 essential bass pre-sets which are straight out of the box sounds that require very little tweaking or none at all and are perfect for when you are struggling for a quality sound. The list is below to show you the synths used. You can download them all for free but make sure to watch the video of how to create the Daft Punk/French Disco bass at the bottom.

You can click the images below here to go direct to the sites that hold these synths.


The Boogie Bass pre-sets are some sure fire sounds that give you an instant early 80's vibe for your tracks. Whether you make G-Funk or Nu-Disco these 5 pre-sets will offer you the lift you need. A few tweaks here and there with the cut off and the resonance and you have instant Funk. You can also go high up the octaves on Boogie bass 3 and add some delay to make this into a superb lead line.



The Tal-Uno 62 is a really cool and simple to use replica of the Roland Juno 62. It is a perfectly good starting point for anyone wanting to learn about Synthesis and how to navigate around the basics of a synthesizer where you can get the hang of ADSR & LFO etc without being too overwhelmed. The Funk bass pre-set is a cool little sound that can give you a tough bass sound that is straight out of the box.



Now if you have heard any house music from the early 1990's you will have heard this sound in many records. It is a classic sound that was created in the 80's on the Yamaha TX81Z and is also known as the solid bass. its most popular on Chime by Techno legends Orbital and Passion by Gat Decor to name but a few. Here you can grab it from the OXE FM Synth for free and drop it onto any beat to create that instant classic house sound.



Those developers at Tal always give away great free content alongside their premium plug ins. The Noise Maker is one of the best synths you can get with a variety of sound for a multitude of genres. The Juicy Bass is a squelchy sound that has instant funk written all over it. The resonance on this makes it even more groovier and with a slight tweaking you can get some good variations from it, especially if you automate it with the cut off.


Ever wondered where the bass that Daft Punk and Alan Braxe used came from? Well so do I and it was a woderful thing to find out that the Z3TA synth had managed to produce this sound which was named the Falke bass after Alan Braxe' studio partner Fred Falke. This sound is the one used on Daft Punks track's Voyager and Burnin and on many Falke productions.

I have made it a free pre set for you to use in any DAW, by simply dropping the waves into your chosen sampler. But it is put together here in Abelton's sampler. So take the pre set and drop it into your arrangement onto a midi track or use the waves and key them up in your own sampler. You can see the video below here where I do just that to demonstrate its power in a track.

Here below are the other 4 pre sets in demonstration mode for you to check out further. Enjoy.


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