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The Scarbee Funk Guitarist VST

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

The finest Guitar VST you will need for your Disco Funk productions.

Finding a good guitar VST is a difficult thing for us none guitar players. Usually we rely on samples and chop them up and replay them in, but we sometimes require a more natural approach, but without having an actual player this can be a challenge.

Step forward an old plug in that has been around for a number of years now but has come to the surface again in recent times. The Scarbee Funk Guitar plug in for the Native Instruments Kontakt player is a true gift from the heavens. It has absolutely everything you need to get riffs and guitar licks into your tracks.

This has all of the chords known to man and more particularly every type of guitar lick and fret based riff which is overwhelming at times. So for example you get a C minor chord and with that comes around 5 variations of that chord, so you have to choose from many riffs but they do make all of the difference to your tracks.

The process is simple for programming. You simply drag and drop the riff onto any key on the piano roll and draw these notes in as midi and then place them accordingly to your arrangement and that sit.

One tip though is once you have your patterns, I would suggest converting them to audio as the midi can sometimes be a little hit and miss and also the previous midi note can often roll over into the next. This might be a glitch for some and not for others but still you can chop it up better in audio should you need to.

Watch the video below for my demo on the Scar-bee Funk Guitarist.

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