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The Ultimate Disco Boogie Funk Producers Sample Pack

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

After producing many courses and free samples packs for you disco producer's out there.

I now have put together a massive pack of premium sounds, loops and midi files for you to take your productions to the next level.

Here is RobJamWeb's ultimate Disco producer pack containing 535 loops, riffs and drum beats, along with 90 midi files for chord progressions, lead lines and basslines so you can drag and drop those onto your chosen sound to pump up your track.

What does the pack contain?

In this pack you will receive 535 wave format loops and sound effects. All listed below and will come in three different tempos from 110 bpm, 120 bpm & 125 bpm. But all can be warped to any speed within reason.

Rhodes chord progressions

Congo & Bongo loops

Glissando's in all keys

Synth Tom fills

Funk Lead solos

Funky Guitar loops

Muted Guitar loops

Slap Bass loops

Nu Disco Brass chord loops

Orchestral String loops

Disco Beats

Yamaha CS Brass chord loops

Boogie Bassline loops

Arpeggio loops

Nu Disco drums

Dream Rhodes chord loops

French Disco Bass loops

Open Bass loops

Disco House drums

Soulful Disco Piano loops

Modulated Funk stabs

Disco String stabs

Midi bass

Midi chord progressions

Midi Glissando's

Midi Funk Lead Lines

Midi Melodic Bass & Muted Guitar patterns

Midi Modulated Chord stabs

Midi Slap basslines

Midi Disco Piano chord progressions

Sound FX

Bonus beats

The samples and midi files have all been created by RobJamWeb and you can use them however you wish.

If you do manage to make a track that does well, a simple nod to me in the credits or a shout out on social media would be appreciated. 😀

Enjoy your productions and after watching the video below, just hit the buy now button to be taken to Paypal.

After purchasing you will receive a direct link to the files which is 1GB in size once you have unzipped it from the compressed file.


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