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Two Brilliant FREE VST Synths For Disco Boogie Funk Production

Finding a good VST that caters for the funkier side of things can be tough. But my job here at Waxadisc is to do just that so you dont have to. Here are a couple of tutorials for two great free synth VST plug ins that will cater for any type of music production, but mostly I have focused on the funky side of music, so be that Disco, Soul, Jazz Funk, Nu-Disco you will get something out of these synths.

The beauty is they are 100% free and all you have to do is watch the videos below and if you like what you hear then you can download the software from the links within the videos.

The first one is the Mono Fury synth which is a replica of the classic Korg Polysix keyboard from the early 80's. The funk sounds are great to use but also this has some pretty cool stuff for Techno and Drum & Bass even if you ever fancied trying something different for a change. This has some great sounds on which can be used for Synth Wave and Boogie music among many others, so please check the video out here.

The second video is the Qyoo Synth which is a fantastic synth for lead lines especially Electro Funk music. Take a look at the tutorial below and grab the link from there if you are interested in using this free synth.

Both of these synths are two that I use frequently on my own tracks and they have some great sounds that can be tweaked in a variety of ways for any genre and not just Disco Funk etc. So take a look and they cost nothing at all so it has to be worth a go.

If you are looking at pushing your music production to the next level and you don't quite know where to go, then take a look at the many courses and 1 to 1 mentoring school I have available. There is a You-Tube school also now which is a great entry to production if you want to take things at your own pace and learn all there is to know about Boogie and Funky House then be sure to check out the Waxadisc members channel.

The links for both the VST plug ins are available here below.


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