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Using Just One VST To Record Music

In this day and age we are overwhelmed by the amount of plug ins we have at our disposal, which can become a problem when trying to get a demo together.

There is nothing worse than setting up a fresh canvas on the DAW and then going through 200 bass pre sets in a multitude of synths to get going and by the end of the hour you have still not decided which one you will use.

So it is probably a good idea for you to just use one powerful VST where you have a good choice of sounds in there across all the different pre set families such as bass, pads, string etc and use just that one synth to get your ideas down and then if the track takes on a life of its own and starts to progress, you can then tweak the sounds to other VST synths etc.

Yes you can use the stock plug ins within your DAW, but you really want to try and use something with a little more punch, and that has to be the free open source synth called the "Surge". This beats is a never ending synth that is continuously added to by producers and sound designers alike, where they keep adding pre sets to the library.

It has every kind of sound you need and can produce any genre you wish, but mostly it packs a solid punch and has a whole host of oscillators and cut off parameters etc so you can add some quick characteristics to your music.

So I drummed up a quick funk styled demo just to get an idea out and to show you how easier it is when you focus on using only one VST. It keeps the momentum going and is way more productive than trawling through countless pads and bass pre sets when all you need to do in the initial stage is to knock out the idea and get it down on the screen.

So watch this short video and see for yourself. P.S the link for Surge is below the video.



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