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How to create a gritty Lofi Electric Piano

This post is not how to create a Rhodes from scratch, it is basically a walk through tutorial on how to add the right effects plug ins to add that gritty roughness to a Rhodes VST. So I just want to clear that up first.

OK so you are here because you want to add some unique characteristics to a standard electric piano. Lets face it a clean Rhodes is nice but when it comes to Lofi House then we really need that extra layer of dust and dirt to make it fit the aesthetics of the track.

We need the hiss, the distortion and the almost wonky feel to the sound that will collaborate with the other raw elements of the track. Lofi House is a really cool genre that has been around for a long time, and it continues to grow as it has the ability to be played in clubs and at home when you are just chilling. The almost Ambient vibes can give the genre a beautiful imagery whilst listening to it.

Anyway I am here to show you how to put together the right effects to make something that you can add to your own tracks, so here is one way to add depth and dirt to your Rhodes piano. The video below outlines all of the effects used within Ableton but you can definitely find the same effects or similar within your choose of DAW.

So with a few added plug ins you can create that gritty feel for your electric piano and get making some Lofi House or Lofi Hip hop etc today. Watch the short video below to see how I do it and take from it whatever you want. Enjoy.

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