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Produce an Old Skool Funk Track 1970's Style.

Do you want to record a track that sounds as though Bootsy Collins has just guested on? Or you want to capture some of that Jazz Funk flavour from those early Kool and the Gang records? Then here in this tutorial I will show you the key elements for this style of production.

Jazz Funk and P Funk are two of my favourite genres and those records from the 70's still carry so much weight in terms of the raw soulful vibes that they have in the grooves. Many modern day producers and artists still employ many of these musical elements and production tricks into their work which is mainly because of how authentic and live they sound such as a Rhodes keyboard or a Mu-tron bass guitar for example. They are two instruments I add here for this tutorial.

So step back in time and take from the short video below how you too can add some 70's Funk flavour into your recordings.

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