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Soul Drums The Funkiest Kit From UVI

In the producers world there are now many many things we can choose from, such as a billion drum kits and even more kick drums and synths etc. The important thing though is to have the right kits for the style of music you wish to create.

That is why if you make Funk, Soul or Disco then you really only need one kit for that matter and that is the Soul Drums kit from UVI. This brand new set is absolutely superb for it not only is a drum kit, but it is practically a drums studio all in in one.

You can properly tweak the kit to how you want it and choose from the many types of kits which are all funk and soul based. You can also benefit from the many different pre recorded midi patterns too which always help you quickly get a groove going instead of programming in beats from scratch.

The Ultimate Disco & Funk samples pack is a project curated

by Disco producer RobjamWeb

Check it out by clicking the image below.

The soul drums plgu in can be viewed on the video below. Here you will see how quick and simple it is to produce with the Soul Drum VST and how it can enhance your tracks massively with the variations you can choose from including fills and multiple grooves within the pre set midi patterns. Go forth and try it out, you will be very pleased I can assure you.

Watch the video below and check the links out in the video description.


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