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Producing Vaporwave Music on the Koala Sampler

vaporwave aesthetic

So I have finally downloaded the Koala Sampler to the PC. I have it on the tablet which is great but not so much for doing tutorials. I prefer the big screen, and so here is my first attempt at making something totally unusual and different to my normal run of the mill productions.

The genre Vaporwave has been around for a good 15 plus years in some form or other. It is a brilliantly crafted style of music, nostalgia and aesthetics all rolled into one superb dream like movie.

I decided to do a new tutorial and show you how I attempted to make a track using the Koala and the results were pretty cool, given it was my first time and so like anything for the first time user it comes with a few difficulties but nothing major.

The key elements to producing Vaporwave are you need to find sample loops from old records preferably from around the early 80's until the early 90's. Alot of corporate type of advertising music is often sampled from forgotten adverts and the visuals are always major commercial brands mixed with corporate footage of the 80's as an example. However in this tutorial I sample an old Soul record from the 80's. The loop I found was a saxophone styled riff which is a sound associated to the genre for its late night city vibe aesthetic.

Many other sounds used are often taken from obvious pop and soul records that were heavily produced using synths and drum machines. These samples are then slowed down quite heavily and drenched in reverb and delays and use lots of cut off low pass filters to give a dramatic sweeping effect. The outcome is often Lofi as opposed to a shiny polished track which also gives it that charm, and one I prefer also.

In the Koala sampler it is not possible yet to add effects on individual sounds as it has not advanced enough yet to do so, but on the whole of your track you can add some cool effects as you will hear in the demo I produced.

I am also going to be releasing a Vaporwave album or an E.P of some sort this year as a change of scene for my RobJamWeb releases. I hope you can watch this and release something too.

So please take the time to watch the video and see if you can take influences from what I have done. Enjoy.

You can download the Koala sampler here for free by clicking THIS


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