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Ableton Disco Tutorials Spring 2022

Here are a selection of the latest tutorials from Waxadisc Music that will offer you inspiration and useful tips and tricks to progress your music productions. Take full advantage of these tips and tricks so you can progress with your musical journey.

Make a Future Funk track which is inspired by Harvey Sutherland's sound of modern Funk and Disc. His tracks have great lead lines and bouncing bass lines. This tutorial above gives you a few tips and ways to capture that vibe in a similar way.

Make a Cosmic Funk track using only one VST. Yes it is possible. You can often get overwhelmed with the amount of plug ins and hardware you can use at your disposal. We usually end up not making very much at all as the choices are too wide.

So try and strip things back a little and make a track using this one plug in. It is made by Full Bucket and the link is available in the free vst section in the menu of this blog. Try it, you might be pleasantly surprised at how productive using one or two vst synths actually is.

Ten essential pre set sounds you need to use for producing Nu-Disco House music. The pre sets here are all free and cost nothing other than the time it takes to get them and work them out. There are some amazing sounds out there for free so take full advantage of these.

The Soul Drums from UVI is a brilliant kit that was developed from a variety of live kits where the focus on the sound is taken from Motown, Soul, Funk & Hip Hop. There are literally hundreds of superbly curated one shots and pre made kits that can be easily dragged into the arrangement of your track from the vst, so if you struggle to program drums then this is the ultimate tool for you so you can have perfectly crafted drums patterns.

The lofi vst piano is one of the best I have come across. This has a superb upright piano that works perfectly over Soul, Funk, Jazz and Disco. It has been beautifully recorded and has a great velocity sensitive touch to it. Well worth grabbing no matter what genre you make.


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