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Create Your Own Chord Stabs For Deep & Lofi House Music Production

How many times do you sample other packs created by other people to make Deep House chord stabs?

I bet it mounts up doesn't it? It is very easy and quick to use other peoples chord samples when you can just as quickly use your own which is both rewarding and original to you and your music production.

This technique is ideal for those who want to produce the Lofi House & Deep House styles where the use of a chord converted into a stab is one of the best ways to create that moody vibe you need for this type of music.

So here below I have created a tutorial showing you how to do this and the way to develop a track around the chords within less than ten minutes. So go forth and watch the video below to further enhance your production skills.

Recording your own chord stabs is a good way to learn the art of sampling and to also have more satisfaction within your won creativity.


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