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How to create a gritty Lofi Rhodes Piano

There are many ways to make that electric piano sound gritty and nasty, but sometimes you can go too far and sometimes you just can't reach that soft spot for your Lofi House or Lofi Hip Hop productions.

So I decided to put together a short tutorial and think about how I can come up with a good quality Rhodes for that type of production. There are so many characteristics of the Rhodes keyboards and there are endless possibilities to tweak and refine them.

Here I outline a very straight forward and simple approach for you to have a gritty vibe but one that doesn't go over the top with the distortion. The track around this refining of the Rhodes was a Lofi Deep House track which suits the new version of my Rhodes perfectly.

The tutorial shows you how to add a lead melody line too by using the same refined Rhodes so that the lead line compliments the chord arrangement as you will see in this video below.

So look no further to see how quick and easy it is to create those additional features required for that gritty sound and take your production to a new level by adding your own take on your Rhodes plug in.


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