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How To Make Your Bass Lines More Exciting.

Playing synth bass lines can be tricky and can also lead to frustration also in some ways as they are more often than not the driving force for your recording. But sometimes we can just use the same patterns and not try anything new. So I decided to put together a short video demonstrating 3 types of bass patterns that can give your track an exciting lift by having variations throughout.

The first is a double octave bass pattern which is a classic disco style, where you jump from one octave to the next on above in order to create a bouncing feel. The second is a blues scale synth bass which is basically playing the scale from C to the next C and back again but also modulating the longer notes to create a bend on the sound which in turn makes it have that classic Funk vibe.

The final bass pattern is an arpeggio style bass again with the synth sound to give you the idea of how to pick up the pace when you are using the same three notes in a track and you triple the notes as the track moves along.


These types of techniques are among many that Waxadisc can teach you on a personal level with the mentoring music production school. So far since its inception in 2020, I have guided many people to setting up their own record labels and getting their music out on record labels around the world. Click the image below to see the many different options on offer to help you with your musical journey.

The video tutorial for the bass line can be viewed below. If you require any further assistance or wish to find out about music production mentoring, then contact Waxadisc on the contact page.

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