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Make Your Synth Boogie Stand Out

How do you make your tracks have that extra flavour without just repeating your self with continuous loops? The answer is question and answer which is a age old technique that players usually do on stage. Whether that is a bunch of Jazz musicians or Blues players, this technique is a great way for improvisation and creating new riffs on the spot.

But in the studio it can be less spontaneous and more accurate as you have the time to process something perfect. So when you are building a track say in the Boogie Funk genre which is synth heavy anyway, then try and create a call and response or otherwise known as question and answer. This is a technique where one player of an instrument will play a lick and the other will reply with something different but in the same style. If that makes sense?

Here you can watch the video demonstration below where I perform this technique with two synths. Try and apply this to your tracks the next time you feel stuck and want something different or you need to create an exciting passage in your bridge or solo section.

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