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Produce a 1980's Reggae Beat in Ten Minutes with Ableton

Back in the early to mid 1980's Reggae music evolved from heavy live dub styled backing tracks as a whole and into the world of the digital sound. Many tracks from that era such as Wayne Smith produced bass thumping tracks that had heavy drum machines as opposed to the classic live drummer that had in previous years been the back beat of the genre.

So I decided to produce a short ten minute demo to outline how easy it is nowadays to make this kind of vibe using a few plug ins and Ableton. You can of course use any DAW as the process will be the same. The MAU synth is no longer available I believe however I have included it here for you as a windows download. Mac users you can use any other sub bass you like or try the ones built into Ableton such as Hip Hop Sub Bass.

The guitar licks are from Music Radar and you can grab the link HERE

The Mau synth is also available HERE

If you can not get the Mau synth and you need a sub bass then try this for both Mac and PC by clicking HERE


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