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Produce a classic Bleep Techno track in Ableton

Back in the late 80;s and early 90's there was a sound that for a while defined the Rave scene in general. Bleep Techno was echoing from many fields and venues in those hazy days. Records such as LFO, Mr Monday and Nexus 21 were on the decks of the most revered DJ's of that period.

The sound earned its name as the technique was alot of electronic bleep noises all twisted and turned into melodies thrown on top of 909 beats and clunky breakbeat loops from old funk records that had now crossed over from Hip Hop to the House scene.

One particular record for me was called Indulge by Neal Howard, an artist from Chicago who made this track which was signed to the Network Records label in Birmingham UK. It would be one the labels first releases of many which would become one of dance music's most respected and credible labels throughout the 1990's.

Back to today, I have produced a modern Bleep Techno track using Ableton and a host of plug ins to recreate that sound with a much cleaner production value as opposed to the rugged and roughly made tracks from those hedonistic days of the original Bleep Techno.

I have broken down the track and show you what sounds I have used and how to blend them together in order to create that sound. The free VST plug ins are all available in the drop down menu of the video description. Enjoy.

The second tutorial below is done with only one free vst synth. The Intakt plug in which has some of the most coolest sounds on for old skool Techno that you can get your hands on.

I have made a simple Techno track using a few staple sounds from the early 90s era and bought them up to date in this simple to follow tutorial.

So get your Bleep on and make some old skool grooves like the two in the videos available here.

If you require any further guidance in your musical journey, then get in touch with Rob by clicking the image below to book your free 30 minute consultation and we can discuss in detail your ideas and how to get them out into the world.


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